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Bearing Arms Archive

  • What We Saw at “The Nation’s Gun Show”

    What We Saw at “The Nation’s Gun Show”

    Few things bring a smile to my face more than the Chantily, VA gun show dubbed “The Nation’s Gun Show.” The prices are seldom great, but the whole experience is like going to the carnival if you’re a DC-area gun enthusiast—complete with the occasional bearded lady. Although I’ve seen high prices and large crowds at [...]

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  • Don’t Pay $1200 for a WASR-10, Please

    Don’t Pay $1200 for a WASR-10, Please

    I’ve been around guns my entire life. Granted, I’m only in my mid-30s, so I don’t have a good recollection of what the market was like during the darkest years of the Clinton Administration. That said, I cannot recall a time in which the gun/ammo market was more nuts than it is today. A few [...]

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  • More on Polls

    More on Polls

    On the train this morning I read a sincerely opinion piece from a Marine officer on the need for more gun control. After offering up the mandatory personal vignette — in the author’s case about he learned the power and lethality of military rifles — he makes a populist plea for tighter gun laws. He [...]

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  • For the Hundredth Time, The Second Amendment is Not About Hunting

    For the Hundredth Time, The Second Amendment is Not About Hunting

    The fact that we are now weeks into this reenergized debate on gun control, which is of course occurring well over a decade after the consensus in the legal community emerged that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to bear arms and that this right reflects the founders understanding that arms are needed for [...]

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  • Should you attach a light to your home defense gun?

    Should you attach a light to your home defense gun?

    About five years ago I attended a concealed carry training course offered by a former New Jersey cop. For what it was, the class was fine, but not particularly memorable. However, there was one classroom exchange that stayed with me. A student asked whether he should attach a light to the pistol he uses for [...]

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  • The Model 94 Winchester: Still a Great Defensive Choice

    The Model 94 Winchester: Still a Great Defensive Choice

    A friend of mine from New Jersey recently asked for my opinion on alternatives to an AR or AK for home defense. He had originally planned to buy an AR, but was less than enthusiastic when he learned all the ridiculous restrictions the state of New Jersey places on “assault weapons” like America’s favorite sporting [...]

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  • Knives as Defensive Tools

    Knives as Defensive Tools

    Many people who carry a gun for personal protection also carry a knife for that purpose. The idea here is to have a backup weapon that could be deployed if your firearm experiences a catastrophic malfunction or if you are somehow disarmed by an attacker. I suppose that makes some sense, but lets be honest ourselves [...]

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  • Concealed Carry Lessons from the Trayvon Martin Shooting

    Concealed Carry Lessons from the Trayvon Martin Shooting

    Lesson 1: Don’t follow suspicious persons. Although I respect people who feel they have a responsibility to keep their community safe, I still believe you should never follow someone you regard as suspicious. If you feel strongly that they might be involved in a criminal enterprise then by all means call the police, just don’t [...]

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  • The Trayvon Martin Case

    The Trayvon Martin Case

    I wrestled with whether I should write on this case or not, but considering the Second Amendment implications and the fact that everyone in the world seems to have a strongly held opinion about it, I decided to enter into the fray. So here goes… Like most people, when I first heard a description of [...]

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  • The AR-7 Doesn’t Suck

    The AR-7 Doesn’t Suck

    There are a few firearms out there that I want to own for reasons that aren’t exactly practical: the FN Five Seven, the Dragunov SVD, the M1 Garand, etc. Each one of the guns on my list is just plain cool in my eyes for one reason or another. Maybe it’s because of a unique [...]

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