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Shooting Archive

  • Today’s Guns and Ammo Market: Is Price Gouging Wrong?

    Today’s Guns and Ammo Market: Is Price Gouging Wrong?

    As noted in my earlier post, most gun dealers and ammo sellers are jacking up there prices to exploit the current political situation. A select few are not. Georgia Arms and Brownell’s are great examples of companies taking the high road. But are the other guys actually doing something wrong? I think that depends in [...]

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  • What We Saw at “The Nation’s Gun Show”

    What We Saw at “The Nation’s Gun Show”

    Few things bring a smile to my face more than the Chantily, VA gun show dubbed “The Nation’s Gun Show.” The prices are seldom great, but the whole experience is like going to the carnival if you’re a DC-area gun enthusiast—complete with the occasional bearded lady. Although I’ve seen high prices and large crowds at [...]

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  • Don’t Pay $1200 for a WASR-10, Please

    Don’t Pay $1200 for a WASR-10, Please

    I’ve been around guns my entire life. Granted, I’m only in my mid-30s, so I don’t have a good recollection of what the market was like during the darkest years of the Clinton Administration. That said, I cannot recall a time in which the gun/ammo market was more nuts than it is today. A few [...]

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  • On Pistol Marksmanship

    On Pistol Marksmanship

    When you get into the details of marksmanship you discover there are many things a person needs to get right to shoot well. Some of those elements of marksmanship are physical, some are metaphysical in nature. If you read Brian Enos’ Practical Shooting: Beyond Fundamentals you learn that  for the top-tier shooters, it really is a [...]

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  • The AR-7 Doesn’t Suck

    The AR-7 Doesn’t Suck

    There are a few firearms out there that I want to own for reasons that aren’t exactly practical: the FN Five Seven, the Dragunov SVD, the M1 Garand, etc. Each one of the guns on my list is just plain cool in my eyes for one reason or another. Maybe it’s because of a unique [...]

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  • Why I Love Glocks

    Why I Love Glocks

    Eighteen months ago I wrote an article explaining why I didn’t care for Gaston Glock’s great contribution to the world of firearms. I argued that the Glock design, despite its obvious utilitarian virtues, was a  soulless hunk of plastic utterly lacking in character. I extolled the virtues of the 1911 as “an elegant weapon for a [...]

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  • Hunting With a Semi-Automatic Pistol

    Hunting With a Semi-Automatic Pistol

    Hunting is a sport full of tradition, kind of like baseball. And like baseball, much of that tradition is crap. Don’t get me wrong, as an amateur baseball player and a committed fan I still indulge in some of the sport’s harmless, but still pointless rituals. That said, there is such a thing as progress. [...]

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  • Going With the Minimum, The .380 as a Primary Carry Gun

    Going With the Minimum, The .380 as a Primary Carry Gun

    A couple of years ago there was a surge of interest in the .380 ACP, a cartridge that was virtually moribund. The reasons for the triumphal return of the .380 to the world of defensive carry are varied and in some cases disputed. But whatever the reasons for its revival, it is undeniable that the [...]

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  • Kel-Tec’s RFB: My First Bullpup Rifle?

    Kel-Tec’s RFB: My First Bullpup Rifle?

     I’m no expert on Kel-Tec products, but some people I respect in the shooting community love their stuff and it certainly seems like the Florida-based company is more innovative than most. Kel-Tec was at the forefront of the .380 craze a few years ago with their P-3AT and since then they have released some equally [...]

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  • Ruger LC9: Some Initial Impressions

    Ruger LC9: Some Initial Impressions

    It seems like every year there’s a new trend in personal defense firearms that captivates the concealed carry crowd. Last year it was the .380 micro-compact—tiny pistols that can fit in your jeans pocket. This year it seems to be the micro-9mm. For those of us who are tired of carrying around thick guns utilizing [...]

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