Gun Control Advocates Release Poll of 600 People From Democratic-Leaning Firm

Wow! Apparently 76% of 600 people in Washington selected by a consulting firm that normally works with the Democratic Party believe their state needs stricter gun laws. Aside from the obvious problems associated with a sample size of 600 in a state with a population of nearly seven million the fact that our opponents are excited about rolling out new polls is just one more example of their conception of our right to bear arms as anything, but an actual right.  After all, does it make sense to treat civil liberties issues like a popularity contest?

I suppose if we’re lucky, anti-gun advocates might at least treat gun rights with the same level of respect as other key matters of state, such as the best way to encourage recycling or how best to address the problem of college binge drinking. Lord knows we would never see them acknowledge that the right to bear arms is a fundamental one on par with free speech or freedom of assembly. So they’ll continue to commission polls to cash in on public shock over the Sandy Hook shooting, as their partners in the media continue to salt the wounds from the tragedy as often as possible.

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